C r e d i t s 


We thank you for having helped out in the Solar Eclipse '99 Project.
Prof. Sudhakar, For having agreed so kindly to borrow the VSNL dial up connection for the period of the project
Prof. Dipan Ghosh, for having enabled image access on the net for the period of the project
Prof Amarnath, in encouraging the students to creatively come out with different solutions
Prof Date for being there
Raj gopal for helping with the on line session and the net meeting. Amitai Issac for helping out with the web.
Prof.Salve for coming all the way and representing the sun on canvas.
Ferozine for composing poems on the sun.

Bob Pulley for co-ordinating at the Falmouth end.
Russel for all the timely mails and the chat sessions
Matthew for helping out with the chat sessions
All the 40 children and the teachers from the St. Mary's school at Cornwall for having interacted

Nitin from Networking group of Godrej for co-ordinating the activities of the Godrej school.
All the teachers and 13 children from the Udayachal school for being so enthusiastic during the project.

Prof Bapat, for having so kindly spent his time with the students shaping ideas into workable designs
Arun Kalwankar for helping out with the overall documentation and also in conducting the painting session and the haiku sessions.
Sandip and Negi for documenting the sessions on to Video
MSG Rajan for having helped out in terms of supporting the whole event Workshop staff including Vankhade, Udke, Ahire, Navle.
Ramesh for doing all the running around and also for organising the food in the evenings
Shankar and his team for DesCafe for supplying many cups of tea
Kishore Raut for having made the folders for the certificates

Ashish for minding the kids, the illustrations and doing all the running around. Sammeer also for doing all the running around.
Neelam for being there all the time and helping out with the illustration on the childrens sundial.
Kiran, Prabhakar for helping out.
Vershesh, Shyam, Shantanu, Hem Singh, Unni for doing wonderful work on the web.
Naga for his wonderful illustrations on the web.


Ravi poovaiah and Ajanta sen poovaiah