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The sundial as an artifact seems as old as mankind itself. For man, the urge to articulate time and be able to grasp it by its nettle must have been as strong as trying to kindle the first fire itself.

For us, the sundial remains luminescent in the way it has survived the onslaughts of the machine age and continues to attract attention. And paradoxically for this project, it stands pitched even in spite of its ancient lineage, against the background of the latest technologies - the networking technologies.

The sundial has obvious implications in the context of the broader hubris of the Solar Project, which derives its 'raison d'être' from the solar eclipse predicted for the 11th of Aug 1999 across a trajectory straddling Cornwall in the UK through Bombay in India. On our part, we see the sundial as an artifact that connects up as a link between one of the most ancient milestones of human civilization, viz., time with the veritable gateway to modern civilization, namely the Internet.

This website, central to sundials, has been kickstarted on the 12th of March and was updated across the span of a week for roughly the span of time that it took to design a set of sundials. Documented are the comments, sketches and ideas by the participants who were children and design students.

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