a b o u t   t h e   p r o j e c t

The task set forth for the interaction groups this time is to design and eventually build a Sundial. For this event ahead as part of Falmouth College of Art's Arts for All, there will be school children (in the age group of 9-10) from Cornwall's St.Mary's Primary School along with FCA's design students who will interact with school-children (in the same age group) from a school here (Udayachal school, Mumbai) assisted by design and engineering students from IIT, Bombay to work towards accomplishing the given task (of designing and building the sundial).

On Friday, the 12th of March (around 5:00pm IST which will be 11:30 GMT for UK) we will begin with an online "project-introduction" session over the computers, fax and email between the kids from UK and India, as well as between the students from FCA and IIT,Bby. The idea will be to get the children to introduce themselves along with facets about their countries to their counterparts from the UK. The kids will get to see as well as speak and write to their counterparts from the UK through computer-mediated cameras and software. I need to mention here that part of our project-challenge includes having to device interfaces that will foreclose the need for the children to have to undertake any prior computer training, except for a briefing from us before the start of the online session. This will be followed by a few brief sessions across the week with the children working and sharing ideas with the older design and engineering students about the sundial. At the end, through the assimilation and exchange of these ideas between India and the UK, an actual life-sized Sundial will be constructed in future in the UK, and given fund-availability one in India as well.

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