s u n d i a l    d i a r y


In continuation of the Solaris ( Virtual Holi, last year), this year it is the
''Sun Dial'' project and the completion / building of the Cornwall ship. Proceedings of the event :

Solaris Sundial project

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 Industrial Design Centre

12th March 1999

13 children of 9-10 age group, teachers and their principal from Udayanchal School,
B.Tech. students from IIT Bombay,
Master of Design students from IDC, IIT Bombay,
Coordinator and Instructors from IIT Bombay,
Technical / Systems assistance from IIT Bombay

The build-up to today's event started off with the website for 'Sundial' and it continued on to making graphic posters and badges for the event- glorifying the sun. Todays session started off with the kids coming in at around 17:30 hrs. They were introduced and told in brief about why they were here. They then were got into the project room where everything (all drawing materials, telephone lines and computer lines for the netmeeting) were kept ready for the event to kickoff. Technical glitches made it impossible for the netmeeting to be conducted and was postponed for an other day.

But the children joyously entered into the mode of drawing, sketching and coloring the sun as they perceived it . It was a nice sight to see 13 kids pouring over their drawings in the midst of telephonic conversations with our counterpart in UK, the FCA college, and the documenting people, not to mention the other students who were all incharge of one activity or the other. The online chat session for the kids did not happen. The kids drew drawings with enthusiasm coloring with markers and sketchpens alike. They also wrote down questions which they wanted to ask on the telephone and net. Meanwhile attempts were still being made to establish net connection with FCA.

All the happenings in the project room were being documented through video, photographs, etc.,and were simultaneously fed into the computer. The interactions were restricted to telephonic conversations. The chat session ultimately didnot get under way because of some technical problems the Falmouth College of Art was facing. By this time it was 2000hrs and everybody- especially the kids were hungry, a small snacks session had been arranged for eveyone which had put an end to today's session of Sundial project.

it is 12:05 here and all the BA students of the Falmoth College of Arts are busy putting up the exhibition.they have been working very hard especially in the last few days. from what i hear from the children.... the children have been working closely with the first year design students, to make the prototypes of their ideas of the sun dial.in the morning i went to see the entire class of children who participated in making of sun dials.they are an enthusiatic lot....motivated by their teachers and the design students.their teacher asked me to speak to them and the best way was to get them to ask questions so that i could try to answer them.the few of the questions were......is the school bigger than ours.....how many children are there in the school.....what games do the indian children play....do they play football and scoocer....do they have playgrounds....what is their dress/uniform......
then for today, unlike any other day only 8 kids were selected to come to see if they could link with iit....those who could not come were so dissapointed....they all are so motivated and keen to be a part of the project...
The eight children....4 boys and 4 girls came to the 3D studios where the design students were working to put all the work together.the pictures of which they said they have already sent to u....there are models of children's ideas of the sundial, all made from recycled material which is got from the scarpstore.in everycity in england it seems that they have these recycle plants where people can get stuff for free..and what seems to be the industrial scarp material/defected pieces...are used to make everything....the exhibition ....children's models.... DESIGN STUDENTS are working on individual projects as well on the India theme...tercy has worked on the making of the musical instruments from the recycled stuff......catharine has worked on a box like book for children on india... IT students and their teacher has made an animated version of the cornish sail boat.... the design students are bachelor's degree students...first year..oliver has worked with a group of children to make the prints of the sun god. the children carved out the images on the soft board....then printed on paper.it is brillant and does seem like great designer stuff...the whole idea of children and design students working on the collaborative to produce such good work is remarkable. the students are working on this event only, with a free mind,there are no pressures of submissions. the graphics students have done an indian room....to describe it....it is small room about the size of our media lab....at the entrance wall,to the left,it has a back lit map of bombay of the wall.on the left wall are some black and white test prints of photograhs from india ....in front are pictures of lakshmi. a low sitting is arranged with lot of shiffon white clothes to create an ambience of the jaipuri type shesh mahal concept.