ories and Letters


....As it now happens, these folks, made up of artists and designers and children and the machine-people have, in fact, decided to 'meet' and 'chat' and write letters of love through words and pictures and sounds. .

.......And what do they then do with these lovely love-letters?
They plan to magically transform their messages of love, communicated through these strange machines called the computers, into works of art in these
.two countries. For all to see. And for all to sing yet another melody of love..
And how will the folks get to see these magical transformations?
.Through a touring exhibition carrying these works of art across Youkay and maybe.even across India..
..........Would you also like to join us by sending your own stories of love? Love-stories written by you for people who are either real or imaginary. Or even love-stories,.which have become a part of your myths and folklore and the grandmother's tales?
.Love-stories that could be said in pictures or words or in both..
And then, through these letters of love,
.a lot more folks across the world could get to know about you,.and about how people in love from your country communicate this lovely emotion to each other?.
................Would you like to be a part of all this excitement that is going to build up in the form of a diary as this.'event'.of love unfolds itself ?

If you have any suggestions and comments to make
or if you would like to participate in the event

.Project Solar Eclipse

Web Diary

Mumbai, India

Leicester, UK

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