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.......The Rainbow Fairy and the Prince .......
by Misha, Age 9, Mumbai, India

Prince sees the Rainbow Lady:
Once upon a time, in a kingdom in Sweeland, there lived a prince who was very handsome. He loved to have many adventures. Once he saw the Rainbow Lady, something who he had never heard or seen before. The Rainbow Lady swept past in her seven bright colors. She had a very beautiful face full of joy, and the prince looked in wonder at the sight. When the rainbow lady went away, the prince thought if he had dreamt it all. He hurried back to his palace.

Prince falls in Love:
And at once went to his father and asked him "Father! Father! Who was that pretty lady in the sky who just went by?". The king saw that his son's face was full of excitement. "You just saw a Rainbow Lady" said his father, "She is the daughter of Rain lord". "Oh!" Said the prince sadly and went to eat his supper. That night he could not get sleep. In the morning he could not eat his breakfast nor his lunch.

Prince informs his father, the king:
The king got worried. He took his son to another room and asked him what the matter was? "Well ! the matter is that I love the Rainbow Lady and want to ask her for her hand in marriage" said the prince. At this his father laughed and said "May be you could. The Rain Lord is a very dear friend of mine" . At this, the Prince gave a load cry and said "Then why don't you ask your friend the Rain Lord to marry his daughter to me".

They meet the Rain Lord, the father of the Rainbow Lady:
That evening they took off in a carriage to the sky. The carriage rode high up in the air till they reached the castle of the Rain Lord. As soon as they reached the castle, the RainLord was on his way out to make some heavy rain. But as soon as he saw the king, he ran to him with a hug. The Rain Lord was very happy to see the King. The king and the prince entered into the Rain Lord's palace. There they saw everything wet. Soldiers roamed around in their wet cloths. As they went in further, wetmaids bowed to them.

The king tells about the Prince's desire:
Suddenly the Rainbow Lady appeared in her seven colours. She was surprised to see her father coming back. Her father took all of them into the hall. Then the king began to explain his son's desire. The Rainlord looked a bit confused. He sat thinking for a while. Meanwhile his daughter was listening. She said' "Oh! Father, I do not know how strong or clever he is. He might be stupid! I must test him out".

The Pricess sets a test
"Here is a thousand goatskin bags. And you must fill them up with water before my dragon does". As she said this the prince found himself near a stream. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .?

Dear Friends,
I have written a story for you. And its a story without an ending. I would like you to end the story for me and send it back to me.
Bye Bye for now

First ending to the story
(by Rikesh Maisuria, Age 10, Leicester, UK)
Second ending to the story
(by Jawad, Age 10, Leicester, UK)

Third ending to the story
(by Jessica Hall, Age 9, Leicester, UK)

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