s      a      i       l                 b      o      a       t

t h e...i d e a

The story about the traditional Cornish sailboat when translated into a physical form, has given birth to this installation.

The boat :
The tragic story has remained with the Cornish people for many years. The boat became a symbol of that tragedy.

The idea behind the installation:
The story has two faces. One full of hope, love, and a lifelong aspiration. The other filled with jealousy and false projection. The contrast between the two has been interpreted in all parts of this installation.

The floor :
The floor consists of two circles. One is of the boat that arrives, other is that of the girl waiting on the shore. Between the two, there is a sinking ship with water getting inside.

The frames :
There are vertical frames that are made hollow and cladded with coloured images. They represent weakness of the love and how it bears strong colours at the same time. The frames are inclined because they are heading towards the shore.

The sail :
The sail stands upright with flags that are black on top but white at the base. The sail shows the feelings that are conveyed wrongly.

Inscriptions :
There is a boat drawn on the sail, there is water, there is a setting sun, birds which turn into clouds and end up in a dark sky. The images of the sun also are very bright, vibrant and enhance the intensity of the contrast.

Materials :
An attempt is made to use almost all recyclable materials like bamboo, fabric, sand, sawdust and flowers.


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