A tattooed tribal lady

Resplendent in red, this woman from densely forested tribal Bastarlocated in Madhya Pradesh(central India), reveals her elaborately tattooed arms. She is proud to have them on her as her smile would suggest, because these motifs convey the identity of her tribe.



A Sadhu

An itinerant "Sadhu" who has dedicated his life to God announces this through his orange turban and his vermilion "tilak"(a smear on his forehead).



Indian head gears

Turban as headwear to turban as being symbolic of power heirarchy. The larger the size of the turban, the higher the social hierarchy. And would ones' social hierarchy also derive itself from the colour of the turban...indeed yes!




People celebrating Holi, the festival of colours

Celebration of colours on the day of the Festival of Colours(Holi).This is Gujrat(weastern India) where women dance while men play the flute.





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