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leaf.JPG (39388 bytes) As a common south Indian tradition sweets and food are served on a banana leaf on festival days. It not only looks beautiful but also tastes good! Vada made up of daal, with a special kind of small onion, garlic and spices is a crisp delicacy on all festival days.

Jalebi from the north, Maisorepak and Murku are some other sweet and sour flavors.

Dahiwada2.JPG (11782 bytes) Dahi vada is a common north- Indian delicacy. It is relished as sweet and sour coolent after all that dancing and running around! It is a version of the north-Indian vada which is made of plain grm daal and soaked in warm water for some time. Then the vadas are put in chilled dahi(curds) and topped with spices , sweet chutney and dry fruits.
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