It is important to look at the eclipse with a safe viewing device. Otherwise you can damage your eyes without knowing it.  
Using Reflectors

3.Solar eclipse viewer using reflectors

Here are listed many ways of looking at the sun using a reflector.
Try making any of them. If you have any more ideas, participate in designing a device for safe viewing the solar eclipse.

Mirror reflector
Cover a mirror with a sheet of cardboard with a hole of about 1cm cut in it. Point the mirror such that the reflection of the sun falls on a wall or on the side of a building and watch the eclipse as it happens.

An umbrella reflector
Get reflective stickers (many of them) and stick it on the inside of an umbrella. Point the umbrella, the other way around at the sun such that the reflection of the sun falls on a flat surface like a wall of a building or a fence. You will see hundreds of sun images. For fun, paint the outside of the umbrella with bright images of sun and moon.

Participate in designing a device for the safe viewing of the solar eclipse. The best of these designs will be honored with 'Crescent on the Sun Award' on the 10th of August, one day before the day of the total eclipse. For details, look up design a solar viewer


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