It is important to look at the eclipse with a safe viewing device. Otherwise you can damage your eyes without knowing it.  
Solar Filters

1.Solar Filters

Here are listed many ways of looking at the sun using safe viewing filters.
Try making any of them. If you have any more ideas, participate in designing a device for safe viewing the solar eclipse.

Spectacle filters
These filters can come in the form of personal viewers shaped like that of spectacles.

Box filters
The filters could also be modified for community viewing by fixing/taping it on one end of a large tubular box and looking at the eclipse through the other open end. The box could be mounted on two poles so that it is

Fun sun filters

The solar filter can be used in interesting ways. Paint the image of a happy sun (or a moon depending on whichever you like) on a piece of cardboard. Cut the cardboard in the shape of the sun. Make holes for eyes, the nose and the mouth. Stick the solar filter from behind to cover the holes for the eyes. This then becomes a playful solar viewer and you'll begin to get identified as an eclipse-fan, possibly on your way to eclipse-chasing into the future.

Participate in designing a device for the safe viewing of the solar eclipse. The best of these designs will be honored with 'Crescent on the Sun Award' on the 10th of August, one day before the day of the total eclipse. For details, look up design a solar viewer


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